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Estate Planning & how to make a will*

Everyone should consider estate planning and making a will. A will is a written document that states how you want your personal assets to be distributed after your death. It may state how individual items should be given and it may appoint an executor (someone you trust and consider responsible) to carry out your specific instructions.

Estate planning and will writing is not just for the elderly, nor the very wealthy. Anyone can have a will and we think everybody should.

As part of the fully inclusive Your Mortgage Decisions service to our clients, we can refer you free of charge to Fielding Triggs. They are Estate Planning experts who will assess your inheritance options, explain the effects of writing a will, listen carefully to your wishes, and advise you according to your precise wishes and circumstances.

You can rest assured your estate plan will be valid and executed in the presence of our professional Instruction Takers. At Fielding Triggs we can even store it and provide professional executors to handle your affairs.

*the Estate Planning services are not authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Did you know?

Crossing out and writing on your will may be ignored if not properly legally validated. Even a simple coffee stain or attached paper clip could invalidate it