Estate Planning and Writing Your Will

Your mortgage adviser will ask you about your Will and Estate Plan. Every adult should have a Will, whether they are a homeowner or not. You may also want to look into the benefits of estate planning as a basic Will has limitations in comparison to a Full Estate Plan using Trusts.

Your mortgage adviser can refer you to a specialist to ensure that your property and possessions go to the right people when you die and to ensure that your hard earned assets stay in your family line long into the future.

Wills and Estate Planning services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Will Writing

If you do not leave a Will, the law determines how your estate is passed on and this may not be what you would have wished. There may be specific possessions that you would like to pass on to chosen individuals.

Your Will allows you to state accurately how you would wish to divide your estate amongst your beneficiaries. It enables you to choose beneficiaries and Executors to carry out the instructions in your Will. You can include funeral preferences which can be extremely helpful to loved ones in their time of grief.

Estate Planning

Through Trusts you can manage your estate long into the future and your instructions will remain in place after your death. They can give you much greater control and protection for your beneficiaries against events that are out of your control in the future, such as a divorce or an unwanted claim on the estate.

It is a specialist area and our partners take the greatest professional care to ensure that your documents are accurate, legal and valid. They will ensure that the correct procedure has been followed and they can even arrange safe storage of your documents to ensure they are valid and accessible when they are required.

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