A remortgage is when you update the mortgage product on your current property. It doesn’t necessarily pay to be loyal to your current lender. You may find it far more beneficial to search the market for a product that suits you better. When your existing deal comes to an end, your current lender will move you to their SVR (Standard Variable Rate) and this is likely to be highter than what you have been used to paying.

Staying ahead of the game and remortgaging at the right time can have major benefits.

Saving Money

This is one of the main reasons why people choose to look at a wider range of options. You may want to lower your monthly repayments or you may want to pay off your mortgage sooner.

The market might have changed since the last time you mortgaged your home and there may be advantages in switching to a different lender.

Switching mortgage type could mean that you pay less over the course of your agreement. If the value of your home has increased enough, you may now be eligible for lower rates.

Your adviser from Your Mortgage Decisions will investigate all the options and discuss them with you to work out the best course of action.

Raising Money

If you wish to remortgage in order to release equity in your home, an adviser will discuss your circumstances in detail to work out what is appropriate.

A remortgage to raise money may not always be the best option so our impartial advice will ensure that you are wise with your money.

We always ensure that you are fully informed before advising you on the best course of action with regards to your next mortgage.

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