Time is precious, so is advice!

It seems there is a common misconception that re-mortgaging a property is as simple as getting travel insurance online, in reality, it is a much more involved process. Not a scary or daunting one at all but just because you see a headline rate on a lenders website it does not necessarily mean that it is available to you and your unique situation. Or it could be that while a low rate might be tempting you in other elements of the product might not be as tantalizing.


An invaluable tool that saves time.

As of writing this article, there are over 10,000+ mortgage rates available in the UK. Some of these rates are exclusive to advisers and you will not find them on the high street as they are just not available to the public.

There is a reason that money saving expert Martin Lewis promotes the use of mortgage advisers, they are an invaluable tool. Not only can they save you countless hours by trawling the vast mortgage market in one fell swoop they may have access to a rate you can’t get your hands on.As an FCA regulated company, we have a duty of care to put our clients in the best possible position regarding their mortgage. We are fully accountable for any advice that we give, we take that fact extremely seriously.

I have been in the mortgage industry for almost 10 years now over that time I have seen the FCA bring in various guidelines and regulations and all of them have been for the benefit and protection of the consumer. We are not in the business of wasting anyone’s time be that the client or one of our advisers. That is why we have spent many years honing the skills of our Client Services Team to assist our clients and advisers by performing thorough criteria check prior to setting up our clients with a local adviser.


Helping to make your journey easier.

Because we are able to formulate a picture of any client’s situation before we come out to see them, we have a good idea of whether we can assist a client or not. We will only send an adviser out to see a client if we are confident, we can assist them.

An adviser is there to make your life easier; they do all the hard work; they find you the best mortgage for your situation. They are not allowed to leave you in a position where you are worse off than you were before you saw them. For the sake of 15-minute criteria check and an hour or so sat down with an adviser you might end up putting yourself in a much better position than just taking the easy option of whatever is offered to you by your lender.


How to find out more.

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